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The church in Bachiv village.

01.07.2009 Some other principles determine general wall-painting of the church in Bachiv village. Artists refuse baroque stylization and address to the traditions of Ukrainian monumental painting of the 40th in the 20th century. Firsts of all, much attention is paid to plastic principles of ornamental decorative values based on modernist and post-Byzantine styles the basis of which is formed with signally-symbolical sacral trend combined with laconic decorative expression. These principles are used thoroughly in the works of Yulian Buzmanyuk (the wall-painting of Christ’s Sacred Heart Church in Zhovkva), Modest Sosenko (the church in Zolochiv). Having suggested a general decorative character of the stylistic expression of ornamental trends in the compositions especially in plastic interpretation of separate figures and details, Drohobych artists haven’t refused active lightly shady stimulation of the form that contributed to the general character of wall-painting an element of electricity though it haven’t diminished the artistic value and iconographic, canonically proved expressiveness.
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